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Artist of Girls and Corpses
Published by: Rhine Entertainment

Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 9/6/2009)

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D.W. Frydendall

Richard: How did you become associated with Robert Steven Rhine?

D.W.: I met Robert at Fright Night, which is a venue in California where you can see horror films and original horror art. He seemed like a nice enough guy. He was working on Satanís 3-Ring Circus and he asked me to do a story which I turned around in like 3 days. So he threw more work at me. We work well together... since then Iíve worked on Girls and Corpses with him and weíre still having fun with it.

Richard: Why do you like doing horror art?

D.W.: Itís what Iíve always been into. I always loves monsters and horror films. Growing up it was all ďIn Search Of...Ē and ďKolchak: The Night StalkerĒ. Those two show influenced me to no end. To this day Iíll watch reruns and smile. When I saw the Edgar Allen Poe book illustrated by Harry Clarke, I was hooked.

Richard: How would you describe your art?

D.W.: Icky.

Seriously though... Iíd say itís illustration. Iím not too down with fine art. Pen and ink is what Iíve always done. Paintings are fun but really, really time consuming.

Richard: What can you tell us about "Satan's 3-Ring Circus of Evil"?

D.W.: Robert wanted one piece that multiplied. The Zombie Eating Contest is perhaps the goriest thing... Iíve drawn to that date. Recently I did art for a hip hop artist who I canít name right now but when you see it, I think youíll either be impressed, sickened, or both.

Richard: Do you have any favorite creatures of the night?

D.W.: Werewolves. Vampires have been rendered kinda ineffectual as of late with all of the Twilight hoopla. The idea though of an unstoppable 8 foot tall hairy flesh eating engine of destruction is really cool to me. I used to really like zombies but now you canít throw a hammer without hitting one in the head in popular culture.

Richard: How did you feel holding the finished art book the "Creeps" in your hands?

D.W.: Drunk with power. Hahaha... no, actually... I was really happy. I had a couple of people come over for the official unveiling and THEN got drunk.

Richard: What is "Body Trade" and what do you have to do with it?

D.W.: Body Trade is a film being developed by Mike West at Road Rage Films. I met him on Facebook and he was looking for a comic artist. We talked and I did a couple of pages for him. Iím really happy with the way the stuff came out.

Richard: How does working on storyboards compare to working on a comic?

D.W.: Comics are tougher mainly because they really need to be really finished to work properly. Storyboards can be kinda loose and free, and youíre time frame is like a couple of hours. The pay on storyboards canít be beat though. If itís regular work you can make really good cash.

Richard: Who has influenced your work the most?

D.W.: All of the comic artists who did horror comics. Jack Davis, Graham Ingels, Berni Wrightson... as well as other comic artists like John Byrne, Arthur Adams, Paul Smith and Frank Miller. My other influences include Alphonse Mucha, Virgil Finlay, Tom Wright (The Night Gallery painter), Harry Clarke, and DaVinci.

Richard: What was it like acting in "Cannibal Flesh Riot"?

D.W.: It was fun. Even on the set of his first film you could tell that Gris Grimly has the making of a great director who will soon be a name to be reckoned with in the filmmaking arena. I got in the makeup, costume and on set in like an hour or so and we just went at it... I remember the roosters next door making a ruckus anytime weíd start to shoot and the crew would all roll their eyes.

Richard: What are you currently working on?

D.W.: Iím doing my monthly comic for Citizen LA magazine called MEATDOLL which should soon be up and going on line soon. Iím also going to working on the Calabrese comic thatís coming up soon as well as more work for the secret hip hop artist.

Richard: How do you spend your free time?

D.W.: Mainly hang out with my girlfriend Devon and watch films. I also hang out with my friends and do the same. Sometimes though I just like to sit and play an old video game like Doom or something.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

D.W.: is my site. Iím also on twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Richard: What is your outlook on life?

D.W.: A couple of things...ĒEverything always works out in the end.Ē and ďif it feels good, do it.Ē I got that one from my Dad...

D.W. Frydendall
Strange Art for Strange People

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