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Writer of Domino Lady
Published by: Moonstone

Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 2/17/2008)


Ron Fortier

Richard: What is Airship27?

Ron: Aside from being my e-mail address and the name of internet website, Airship 27 Productions is the pulp packaging outfit I started to produce brand new pulp novels and anthologies. Artist Rob Davis later joined me and this became a two-man operation.

Originally our books were published via Wild Cat Books. When that agreement ended, we hooked up with Cornerstone Book Publishers. To date we've put out two titles, WITCHFIRE & BROTHER BONES.

Richard: How did you join Moonstone in creating the "Domino Lady" comic book?

Ron: I had nothing to do with the comic book. A little over a year ago, Airship 27 Prod. was putting together a Domino Lady anthology that would feature a Jeff Butler cover and have four brand new stories of the sexy pulp avenger. When Wild Cat Books opted not to renew their partnership with us, we were left without a publisher. Having written several short stories for Joe Gentile's Moonstone pulp anthologies, I brought the Domino Lady project to Joe and asked if he'd like to take it over. A few months later we met at the Windy City Pulp Con in Chicago and Joe agreed to take on the book with plans for expanding it with more stories, two covers and eventually a deluxe hardback editions. All springing from the small anthology we had begun.

Richard: What is the story you contributed to "Domino Lady" about?

Ron: Someone in Beverly Hills is kidnapping rich peoples' pet cats and demand ransoms for them. When Domino Lady investigates she quickly learns the kidnapping are really a subterfuge for a bigger crime.

Richard: Why did you want to work on "Domino Lady"?

Ron: That's easy, because she was the most beautiful pulp hero of all time.

Richard: If you were offered a job writing a regular comic series of "Domino Lady" would you take it?

Ron: In a heartbeat. I love this character.

Richard: What about "Domino Lady" will entice fans to pick it up?

Ron: Honestly, there just weren't a lot of female pulp avengers. That alone should fire up readers curiosity to want to know more about the Domino Lady.

Richard: What was it like working on "The Green Hornet" and "Terminator"?

Ron: The Green Hornet was a dream job for me. I was a big fan of this character and put together the proposal package that helped Now Comics win the rights when the licensor had already turned down DC and Marvel. Once on the job, working with artist Jeff Butler was a pure joy.

As for Terminator, it was a challenge coming up with new ways to rift on the old robots versus man theme of the series. But when they hired Alex Ross, then a new kid on the block to draw my last five issue storyline, Burning Earth, I was dancing on clouds. Even back then I knew Ross was going to be a huge success in the comics game. It was luck to be his first collaborator.

Richard: What is "Brother Bones"'s storyline?

Ron: This is really a collection of 7 Brother Bones stories. Bones is a former gang killer who, when shot himself, is not allowed to go to either heaven or hell, but sent back as a zombie like creature to defend the innocent of Port Noire from further violence. Thus he makes atonement for his life of crime.

Richard: What about pulp yarns do you enjoy?

Ron: Good guys are the good guys and the villains are dastardly, heartless monsters. There are no shades of gray in a pulp adventure. Its about action and adventure at a break neck speed. The best kind of literature in my humble of opinion.

Richard: What advice do you have for other writers?

Ron: Write what you love to read. And always have fun writing it. If you aren't having fun writing it, how do you expect your fans to have fun reading it?

Richard: What interests do you have outside of writing?

Ron: Love traveling, am a major Red Sox fan and collect way too many movies on DVD.

Richard: What future projects do you have planned?

Ron: Rob Davis and I are now busy promoting our new adult horror graphic novel, Daughter of Dracula. We really want to get the word out about this book, which we self-published at Ka-Blam. And at the same time we've a brand new Captain Hazzard pulp novel on the way any day now from Airship 27 Prod. It's the fourth brand new adventure we've done starring this classic pulp hero from the 30s.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Ron: My e-mail is ( Easiest way to reach me.

Richard: Any last words of wisdom?

Ron: Read a pulp book. They are just plain fun. And go out and vote, I don't care for who.

Just exercise your freedoms, that's why are men and women in uniform are out there in harms way, so we have those freedoms. Let's not dishonor their service.

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