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Writer of Domino Lady
Published by: Moonstone

Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 2/17/2008)


Bobby Nash

Richard: Is Domino Lady really the first masked female crime fighter?
Bobby: I believe so. If not the first, she's definitely one of the first. Her original pulp stories appeared in the 1930's. She was only featured in six stories in her heyday, but she still remains pretty popular today. Those six original tales have been reprinted many times over the years.

Richard: You write one of the nine stories in this collection what is your story about?

Bobby: My story is called "Target: Domino Lady." Domino Lady quite often went up against organized crime and in my story they have decided that she has become more trouble than she's worth so they frame her for murder. While being hunted by the police, she must find a way to clear her name and stop the bad guys. During the course of which all kinds of wackiness ensues.

Richard: Are there any similarities to Batman in Domino Lady?

Bobby: A few. Ellen Patrick, Domino Lady's alter ego, is a socialite who became the Domino Lady to avenge the murder of her father. That's pretty much where the similarities with Batman end. I'd say she probably has a bit more in common with Robin Hood because she plans these intricate heists to steal evidence and/or trinkets from the bad guys. The big twist is that she actually writes letters to the bad guys and tells them what she's going to do. Ballsy, but effective. She always gets the better of them.

Richard: Who will be joining Domino Lady in her adventures?

Bobby: In this collection, Domino Lady will join forces with a few notable pulp characters including The Phantom, Sherlock Holmes, The Black Bat, and Airboy. My story is a solo story with no big name guest stars.

Richard: What is the main drawing feature of "Domino Lady"?

Bobby: Have you seen those covers by Uwe Jarling and Jeff Butler? Yowza! [laughs] For me, Domino Lady was a fun read. Her adventures were mostly grounded in reality in and around the birth of Hollywood. I really enjoyed playing with that concept in that time period. If you've never read the original Domino Lady stories, I highly recommend them. You can still find reprints at reasonable prices.

Richard: Who is the artist on the story you are writing and on the other stories?

Bobby: The Domino Lady book is a collection of prose stories, similar to the pulps of old where the Domino Lady originated. There will be illustrations throughout by artist Ver Curtiss. If you go to Moonstone's Domino Lady page at you can see a couple samples, including the illustration from my story. And check out those covers.

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DOMINO LADY is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 30th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB083906. (Trade paperback - Bookstore edition)
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Richard: Why are people attracted to comic books?

Bobby: I'm sure there are many different reasons. For me, it's the same reason I read novels and watch TV and movies. I like escapist entertainment. That's what comic books offer, I think.

Richard: What do you enjoy about working on a comic?

Bobby: I love telling stories. I get all of these wonderfully fantastical ideas in my brain and I have to get them out there for people to see. I also enjoy collaborating with artists. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing art come in from your script. The stories come to me regardless so I'm happy I have an outlet to share them.

Richard: You have a graphic novel coming out soon from Arcana called "Yin Yang." What's it all about?

Bobby: Yin Yang is a full tilt super hero adventure graphic novel coming out this Spring, April or May. Not sure on the in store date at this time. Yin and Yang are twins, super powered brother and sister bounty hunters. They find themselves in the middle of a firestorm when a mysterious villain arrives on the scene with murder and mayhem on her mind.

Yin Yang is written by me with art by Luis Ruben Rivera Nunez, coloring by ESCOMIC, lettering by Daniel Camp, edits by Jason Shane Powell, all under a cover by Francheco. It's a fun read.

Richard: Who are the main characters in "Yin Yang"?

Bobby: Yin and Yang are brother and sister so they argue a lot. They are quite different from one another. Here's how they are described in the story. I copied these lines straight from the script.

This is Yang.
Aside from his obvious physical attributes, Yang is the brains of the operation.
A quick thinker, he keeps his temper on an even keel.
Most of the time.
This is Yin.
She’s the feisty one.
'nuff said.

Richard: Have you ever dreamed of being a super hero?

Bobby: When I was a kid I wanted to be Spider-man. In fact, I'd have to say that Spider-man was what got me into comics. It was the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and The Teen Titans that made me stay. [laughs]

Richard: What comics besides the two mentioned above would you recommend?

Bobby: There are some truly wonderful books out right now that I thoroughly enjoy.

Gene Simmons' Dominatrix by Sean Taylor.

The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo by Dwight MacPherson.

Daughter of Dracula by Ron Fortier and Rob Davis.

Beau Smith's upcoming 24 comic is one I'm highly looking forward to reading.

Also, Brubaker is kicking butt on Criminal and Captain America.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Bobby: I'm pretty easy to find via email and the 'net. You can contact me through any of these sites. , , , (in dire need of an update)

I answer all my mail too.

Richard: Any final words of advice?

Bobby: Never hit on 17. Good advice for Blackjack and women.

Seriously, uh... yeah, I got nothing except to say thank you to everyone who picks up my books. I hope you enjoy them. Happy reading.

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