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Writer of Jingle Belle: Santa Claus Vs. Frankenstein
Published by: Top Cow Entertainment

Interviewed by: Allen Klingelhoets - (Posted: 12/21/2008)


Paul Dini

Allen: I want to start by saying Thank you Paul for doing interview with me.

Paul Dini: No problem!

Allen: Tell me all about Jingle Belle: Santa Claus Vs. Frankenstein. Also. How does Frankenstein get to North Pole? Is idea based on something Mary Shelly wrote?

Paul Dini: According to Mary Shelley's original novel, he never left. After the creature finds Victor Frankenstein dead aboard the ship that rescued him, the monster mourns his creator then resolves to take his own life. He vanishes into the wastes near the North Pole, and we pick him up some 200+ years later in more or less the same locale.

Allen: Tell me about artist.

Paul Dini: No one does classic animation-inspired comics quite like Stephanie Gladden. This story has girls, monsters, wacky animals, wacky people, and different types of elves from all over the world. I don't know of anyone who could have handled a huge cast like that better than Steph.

Allen: Please give history of character Jingle Belle and world lives in.

Paul Dini: Jing is Santa Claus' daughter. You'd think she'd be right in step with all the Christmas stuff, but she's much more into being a teen-age girl. She likes her friends, she likes snowboarding; sitting in a mall and listening to little kids' toy demands, not so much. She'd rather be on a date.

Allen: What prompted you to move Jingle Belle from Oni Press to Top Cow Productions?

Paul Dini: I wanted to do some humor books and as Jing has been out almost every Christmas in the last nine years, she seemed to be the natural one to feature.

Allen: What are some of your favorite comic book characters that you have worked on?

Paul Dini: Batman, because I've always loved the character. Jing of course, and Madame Mirage, because I have to stick up for my girls. I have a bunch of new characters waiting in the wings. Some are like Jing, humor characters, others are more serious, like Mirage, straight ahead action and superhero based.

Allen: I read in Wikipedia that one of your hobbies is that you are a cryptozoologist. Please talk about some of your experiences.

Paul Dini: I think people have a fascination with the unknown -- how a miraculous feat is performed or the possibility of something undiscovered lurking just out of sight. I've had that same fascination since I was a kid. I guess I just managed to hang onto it longer than most.

Allen: Sidenote: Paul Dini was very busy. I was lucky to even get moment with him. I found this information about his comic through research.

Cover A – Stephanie Gladden
Cover B – Greg Horn

Full Color 32 pages $2.99 one-shot

The issue is schedule to be in stores on Dec. 3rd. The other cover to Jingle Belle: Santa Claus Vs. Frankenstein, drawn by interior artist Stephanie Gladden.

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