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Writer of William Shatner Presents: Quest for Tomorrow
Published by: Bluewater Productions

Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur & Allen Klingelhoets - (Posted: 11/8/2008)


David A. McIntee

Allen: How did you get your start in comic book field?

David: I'd done lots of prose and scripts, and was looking for a new challenge. I got hold of the guidelines for 2000AD at first, but never quite got round to pitching. Then a couple of years ago, I was enquiring of a few comic publishers and one of them was Darren at Blue Water, who was looking for a writer for Jason and the Argonauts...

Richard: What was your first published work?

David: Fiction-wise, the Dr Who New Adventure "White Darkness" in 1993, though I'd had articles and reviews in magazines before that.

Allen: What sort of comics did you like to read as kid?

David: When I was a kid US comics were pretty rare, but I loved both the silly humour comics like the Beano, and most of all British war and adventure comics- Warlord, Battle, Commando, Victor, etc. And then along came 2000AD and Judge Dredd and I loved that...

Allen: Who were some of your writing influences?

David: Writing-wise generally, Chris Boucher, early Dean Koontz, James Ellroy, a wide variety. Comics-wise the (mostly anonymous) writers of those war comics, Pat Mills, Chuck Dixon, maybe Garth Ennis.

Richard: Are you a fan of Star Trek, Dr. Who and Space 1999 the TV series?

David: Yes, very much so. I grew up with them all, and they were all major influences on me - in the latter case, I think Maya made quite an impression...

Richard: What is "Born for Adversity" about?

David: It's a grand opening for Year Three, with the past coming back to haunt Maya, and a lot of it is about the development of Maya and her relationships with Koenig, Tony, and the crew of Alpha - all kicking off when she discovers she's not the last Psychon, but there are others, and they change her worldview...

Richard: Why should we be looking forward to "The Light Of Heaven"?

David: Because it's about a warrior nun who goes round kicking heretic and goblin ass with two swords? Basically, it's the first book in what will be the third of four trilogies making up Twilight of Kerberos, a fast-paced action-heavy sword and sorcery series from Abaddon Books. The first two heroes were introduced in Matt Sprange's Shadowmage and Mike Wild's The Clockwork King Of Orl (both out now!) and Light Of Heaven introduces the third one, Sister Gabriella DeZantez. It comes out on February 4th

So, it's me having fun with warriors and magic, and monsters, and religion in a world where God is literally right overhead. And it's all set in a really interesting fantasy world that's... That those of us writing for it are building to take in some really cool directions.

You can find out more at

Richard: What can you tell us about "William Shatner Presents: Quest for Tomorrow"?

David: Back in 1997 there was a trilogy of novels, a collaboration between Shatner and a writer called Bill Quick. Then there were two more books which were sort of an alternate, in which none of the first three books had happened.

This version is a four-issue mini that will go back start at the beginning again, sort of retelling the basics of the first book, but in a new direction. It's not just a straight adaptation, but a re-imagining, like how the Bourne Identity movie started from the same point as the original novel and then went off in a different way. It's very much an action-adventure thriller.

I'm not just condensing the book because if people want to read the book they can just... y'know, read the book. And of course it's a different, more visual, medium, so it's faster, more action-heavy. Also, the world has moved on, and the original books had a certain social relevance, so I wanted this version to still have that relevance, but it's relevance to 2008, not to 1997. So, it keeps the tone, but it's new as well.

Allen: What sort of story is William Shatner Presents: "Quest for Tomorrow"?

David: It's an action-adventure thriller about a teenager who is pursued by villains as he goes in search of his true parentage after accidentally being responsible for the death of the people he thought were his parents - it's very much in the line of Joseph Campbell's definition of the hero myth. I'd guess it's going to appeal to teenagers and older - I'd hope teens would identify with the lead character, and I'd hope adults would get the mythic elements. And there's enough gunfights and explosions for action-junkies like me...

Richard: Who are the main characters?

David: The main character is Jim Endicott, a teenager who is pursued by villains as he goes in search of his true parentage after accidentally being responsible for the death of the people he thought were his parents - it's very much in the line of Joseph Campbell's definition of the hero myth, in that regard. The love interest and the rival, Cat and Jonathan, are from the book, but there are new characters as well, such as Reeve; a mystery man who knows more about Jim than Jim does, and looks a lot like William Shatner...

Richard: Why do you like working for BlueWater?

David: It's nice and laid-back, there's a lot of freedom, and it gives me some opportunities I wouldn't get elsewhere. Also, I like to be loyal to companies that are supportive, and be supportive of them.

Richard: If you had to pick between writing a Star Trek or Dr. Who story which one would you pick?

Um, well, it's the same money either way, so... Probably Trek, just on the grounds that I've done enough Dr Who anyway. Unless the Dr Who was to have the Daleks in it, because my one unfulfilled ambition in that franchise is to do a Dalek story...

Allen: Can you give some insights into other future projects are you working on?

David: I've got a fantasy novel, The Light Of Heaven, coming out from Abaddon Books on February 4th, of course there'll be more Jason And The Argonauts comics, I've got a novella called Reservoir Ferengi in Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins, which comes out in August... And sometime soon I've got an audio drama out as part of another series but I can't say what yet because it hasn't been officially announced even though it has been recorded. Keep an eye on Big Finish's website, I guess...

Allen: What are some of your hobbies?

David: Martial arts - I've been practicing swordsmanship for 20 years or more, and also do Taekwondo for a workout, and I've got some black in my belt, as it were. Building models, especially 1:35th scale armour, and sci fi models. I love videogames, I keep trying to play the guitar...

Richard: How can someone contact you?

David: Easiest way is to drop me a line through my livejournal - - or comicspace page -

Allen: What are some of your favorite types of movies which you like to watch?

David: Action, comedy, thrillers, sci fi. I used to love horror when I was younger but went off it because every movie was exactly the same. I love the Bond movies, the Bourne movies, Die Hard, Star Wars, anything with good fast martial arts in it...

Richard: Any last words of advice?

David: Never give up on your dreams - as long as you've still got a pulse it is never too late to live that dream.

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