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Actress & Model for BloodRayne
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Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 6/28/2008)


Vera Vanguard

Richard: How did it feel to play BloodRayne in the Fan Film?

Vera: BloodRayne is a violent kind of gal. I played the games and managed to sit through the movie. I haven't felt the need to see the second one for I suspect I won't get those two hours of my life back. When I sat down to write the script, I wanted to incorporate as much from the games as I could including game footage, sounds, music, enemies... etc. At least as much as I could to fulfill the hokey part of being true to both BloodRayne 1 and 2. I didn't want it to be super cheesy or super campy but it's mainly impossible to do when translating a game into live action. How did I feel playing her? I was mostly worried if my wig was on straight.

Richard: Are you anything at all like BloodRayne?

Vera: Unfortunately I'm not a vampire. I just play them on TV. I don't have an obsession or vendetta with daddy issues and as much as I'd like to run around and slice up monsters, I just can't seem to find any. I do however live in Hollywood and I'm almost certain they are out there... hiding... because they know I'm coming for them. Otherwise, uh, we both have red hair. Does that count?

Richard: How do you feel about "Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers" and what was your role in the movie?

Richard: Now there's a cult classic that nobody ever saw. *sigh* Unfortunately I was neither a vampire... or a kickboxer... or a lesbian. They used my face to scroll over the opening credits... is that really a role?

Richard: Why do you refer to yourself as a Live Action Figure?

Vera: I'm bendy. Fully pose-able. And I can kick really high. Otherwise I thought that was a really clever little trademark.

Richard: Who designs and makes your costumes?

Vera: Me. I make all of my costumes but not without the help of some very important people. In the BR Fan Film, I made by myself all of the Brown Shirt Nazi costumes and flags. My poor very Jewish Gramma. My Bloodrayne costume was actually made by my mother and I did all of the detailing. The BR Blades were something I commissioned from the Hollywood Combat Center who make prop weapons for such films as Pirates. I wanted to get the costume as true to the game as possible. A few years ago when I first started doing BloodRayne at comic book conventions, I actually cut my hair into a bob. I go full out baby... full out.

Richard: What was your given name at birth?

Vera: Vera VanGuard is on my passport. I was born in Moscow, Russia. If I said my name in Russian, you'd say "Gazoontight".

Richard: What is "Beverly Hills Massacre" about?

Vera: It's about 4 hick kids from Texas getting massacred by a bunch of Beverly Hills kids. I played a 19 year old virgin. I get killed. I get covered in blood. Just another Tuesday night.

Richard: How did you get into Martial Arts and what do you get out of it?

Richard: I always loved kung fu fighting. Who doesn't? I decided that I was going to learn some kung fu. I did. I studied at a few schools mainly Hung Gar and the Shaolin kung fu from a real 32nd generation Shaolin monk. He makes movies too now... I'm a woman of peace so I wasn't into sparring but I needed an outlet for it so I started auditioning for martial arts films and theater. The stunt work segued into acting.

Richard: Do you prefer acting or doing stunts?

Vera: I prefer acting. Less stress on the joints. I've torn every muscle to the point of unusable limbs about seven times each. Slept on bags of ice. Was perpetually black and blue. Chronic pain. No glory. But if a big time stunt coordinator was to come to me and ask me to do something, I wouldn't say "no". I prefer to act AND do my own stunts :) It's like a weird form of being a triple threat. I can also sing really well in my shower and car.

Richard: Why do you like dressing up as a Witchblade bearer?

Vera: That is one fantastic costume. I was just featured in Witchblade #118 in it. It was made originally by Brian Boling and I modified it a bit to fit better. I wore it in Superhero, The Movie. Why? I look hot in it silly.

Richard: What do you do with your time when you are not working?

Vera: I'm always working. Work for me IS my play. I get paid to go out and party in clubs, hang out in mansions, etc. I work as a makeup artist a lot so I get to go to all of these crazy places. I work out a lot... try to sleep as much as possible, and sit on my computer. Perhaps take in a movie or three. Dunno. What do normal people do?

Richard: What is your best and or weirdest experience from a convention?

Vera: Only at a convention can something like this happen: I'm standing there dressed as Tomb Raider talking to The Tick and Arthur when someone runs up to The Tick and hands him a spoon. The Tick gets all excited and screams "SPOON!", just then Neo walks by and says "There IS no spoon!". Only at a convention.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Vera: Through or

Richard: Any last words for all your fans?

Vera: Where's MY spoon?

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