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Artist of Monsters Republic of Monstairia

by Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 11/11/2007)

Katie Cook

Richard: Why do you like to draw?

Katie: It's not just "like" to draw, I "love" to draw!

I've wanted to be a cartoonist since early elementary school, where I was almost held back a year because of how much a drew on my school work.

Richard: Do you prefer drawing more cartoonie characters as opposed to real life ones?

Katie: I can really go either way on this. I love drawing more "comic" looking creations, but sometimes drawing something ridiculously cute is so funny to me. Also, it's hard to believe, but I have a degree in illustration... and I originally concentrated on medical and technical illustration! That's a far cry from what I've ended up doing!

Richard: Do you do a lot of sketch trading cards for Heroes?

Katie: I just completed 350 HEROES sketch cards for the upcoming TOPPS trading card set. it's not just HEROES, I've done cards for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and DC Comics. I've even got more trading card projects on my plate for 2008, one of the most exciting of which is Indiana Jones!

Katie: You have a unique style of drawing Star Wars cards, how would you describe it?

Katie: Fun! star wars is a huge "love of my life", and when I got the chance to do some work for the license, I jumped on it faster than the millennium falcon made the kessel run! But so many artists have brought their own vision to the SW universe that I wanted to bring in something new... my style, well, was something new! and I'm happy to say that the nerd population has responded well to it :-)

Richard: Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

Katie: R2-D2, hands down. love the little guy more than I love chocolate chip cookies... and I'd push my own mother down the stairs for a good chocolate chip cookie.

Richard: Do you enjoy doing commissions?

Katie: I do, it's really fun to get the "omg! I LOVE it!" e-mail after you've finished something for a fan of your work. Plus, it gives me an excuse to sit around on the couch and draw all night while watching movies.

Richard: What do you think is the most important thing to remember when working on a comic?

Katie: Don't be afraid to start over. Step back and look at things, if you have the time, redraw the page another way. You may end up liking your new composition 100 times better!

Richard: Where do you do all or most of your drawing?

Katie: I used to draw sprawled out on the floor on on a coffee table in front of the tv... but nowadays I have a studio inside my home. I have a great, large desk that's big enough for all my pens, markers, and a cat to all be within an arms' reach while I'm working. also, my imac is in there so I can pop a movie into the background, look up reference or listen to an audiobook while I work!

Richard: Why did you post an apologue to your mom for a sketch card you drew?

Katie: Ha! Sometimes my work gets a lil' sexy... and that's when I get a call from my mom saying "er, Katie? That picture you just posted was a bit.... boobie." She's a great lady, but there are some things about the comic industry that escape her!

Richard: What is next for you to work on drawing?

Katie: I just did an 8 page comic from Dark Horse Presents #4 (which was an honor for them to ask me to do, read it here: I've got a lot of trading card sets lined up in 2008 some I can talk about, some I can't! I'm also working on a few comic projects.

My plate is getting pretty full and I really couldn't be happier about it. I'll be making announcements as I can over at my sketch blog: .

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Katie: katiecandraw at gmail dot com is the best way to get a hold of me! There's also plenty of art to look at over here as well as my blog:

Richard: Any final words of wisdom?

Katie: Just keep drawing. I know the industry is hard and often discouraging. But, if you've got something new to show the comic world, just keep drawing! a new, fresh style is always welcome, it might just take people a little while to come around!

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