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Writer and Artist of The Spirits & The Woods

by Allen Klingelhoets - (Posted: 11/1/2007)

Scott Hallett

Allen: Tell us something about yourself.

Scott: Well I currently work as a software engineer by day and work on stories whenever I can. I find art as a good way to leave work at work.

Allen: What were some of the first comic books you ever read?

Scott: The first comic I can remember picking up off a stand and wanting to read was a Starriors mini-series Marvel put out with art by Bill Sienkiewicz. Although I only realized it was his art much later on. I got into comics ridiculously young, mostly toy related stuff like Transformers and G.I Joe, later the super hero stuff and now pretty much anything with a compelling story.

Allen: How did you get involved in the comic book industry?

Scott: I first started out doing a web comic (now defunct) with a friend of mine, Jeremy Dupuis. Fablewood will be the first story of mine to see print, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Allen: Do you have mentor that helped push you into comic book field?

Scott: I have always been heavily influenced by those creators that did it all, like Frank Miller, Katsuhiro Otomo, Jeff Smith. I’ve always enjoyed storytellers that were both artists and writers. I think it helps in having an artist’s eye when writing a story.

Allen: Please tell us about the Fablewood anthology story “The Spirits & The Woods”.

Scott: “The Spirits & The Woods” is a story about love and loss, and the difficult choices that come up when overcoming a loss. It borrows a bit from Japanese mythology as well as Greek mythology, particularly the story of Orpheus and the Lyre.

Allen: Why did you decide to put “The Spirits & The Woods” in the Fablewood Anthology?

Scott: JP Ahonen had actually posted an item over at the Flight forums about Fablewood having open submissions for fantasy stories. Being a fan of Flight, I post some art and participate in some of the discussions at the forums. After seeing some samples from JP’s story “Solace”, and Elanor Cooper and JJ Naas’ story “A Vicious Circle”, I thought the guys at Fablewood might be open to the types of stories I wanted to tell, and I created my story specifically for submission to Fablewood.

Allen: Who is artist for story? Do you have any more projects planned with editor William Ward?

Scott: I did all the art and writing myself. William and I may have some more things coming down the pipe, but it’s a little early to mention just yet.

Allen: When can we find your comic book story on the stands?

Scott: Fablewood is currently in this month’s Previews (NOV07 3306), and should hit shelves at the end of January.

Allen: How can someone contact you?

Scott: I can be reached at info[at], or you can visit my website at .

Allen: What books do you enjoy?

Scott: I’m currently reading, “Rant” by Chuck Palahniuk. He’s probably one of the more unique voices I’ve read in a while. I’ve read all his books. My current favorite book that I recommend to everyone (and that no one takes me up on) is “Light” by M. John Harrison. Another book I really enjoyed, although it can be intimidating to pick up, is “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”. It’s a really refreshing take on magic and mysticism, and paints some wonderful visuals.

Allen: What comic books do you read now?

Scott: I currently read Fables, The Walking Dead, and any of the Hellboy universe stuff (like B.P.R.D., Lobster Johnson etc.). Other than that I pick and choose as things come along. I’m also very much into “Monster” by Naoki Urasawa. It has such a compelling story.

Allen: What up next after publication of “The Spirits & The Woods” in Fablewood anthology?

Scott: I’ve got a few more short stories I’d like to get out on paper, as well as a few collaborations. After that I think I’m going to take the plunge and work on my first graphic novel.

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