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Artist of Superman/Batman and Detective Comics

by Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 10/15/2007)

Dustin Nguyen

Richard: How do you feel drawing such iconic characters as Superman and Batman?

Dustin: Really privileged, they're characters you grow up with you know? To be given a chance to be able to add to their history means a huge amount.

Richard: How excited were you to find out your working on "Detective Comics" next?

Dustin: Way beyond words, nearly dropped the phone and jumped out the window to tell people. But I live 3 floors up, so I had to control myself.

Richard: What will you bring to "Detective Comics" that was not there?

Dustin: No way, I heard Detective sells itself! Hopefully it'll bring something out in me that wasn't there before.

Richard: When you drew Superman/Batman how did your art show their friendship?

Dustin: I really went back to the take the WB animation had on them, and I went from there.

Richard: Have you watched any of the Superman and Batman movies, if so what did you think of them?

Dustin: Nothing beats the first 2 Batman with Keaton, and Superman 1 was always my favorite. The new ones are pretty good, but I still like the old school. I'm nostalgic that way I guess.

Richard: What was "Manifest Eternity" about?

Dustin: Hah! good one. You'd have to read to find out, but to break it down- sci-fi vs fantasy. There's tons of art from the series on my site, check it out.

Richard: How did you get the job on "Wildcats"?

Dustin: I was working on a fill in for authority at the time, and was doing a lot of grafter zealot stuff for fun, then a few pieces as pitches. They seemed to think I'd fit, so I was brought on board.

Richard: What can people see in your sketchbook?

Dustin: A lot of things you'd not normally see in my comic work, less sequential and more single images in looser and more experimental mediums and styles.

Richard: How would you describe your art style?

Dustin: That's hard to say I guess, I'm not going for realistic, but not cartoon or animated either … but to say a mix of the two has been done to death. I don't know… stylized reality? I'd have to say I'm just trying to draw a really good page.

Richard: Which super hero would you most like to work on that you have not?

Dustin: Hmm, Lois Simonson's power pack was my favorite superhero team besides Batman. So that'd be pretty cool.

Richard: What are your planes for the future?

Dustin: I'm going to try to get better at this comic thing, stay in comics for as long as they'll have me, then retired, sleep, and get some drawing done. Maybe draw some Batman pinups for fun.

Richard: What advice do you have for other artists?

Dustin: If you're trying to break in, I'd say less talk, more drawing. And anyone can draw a pinup in a week. Do pages, tell a story, and be consistent.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Dustin: They can come straight to my webpage at .

Richard: Any last words of wisdom?

Dustin: Not too wise, but I'd have to say to try not to spread yourself too thin if you don't have to.

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