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Writer, Artist of Fablewood

by Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 9/30/2007)

Joe Suitor

Richard: What is your short story from "Monoluminant" about that appears in "Fablewood"?

Joe: My short story 'J'nee where are you?' that appears in Fablewood is a deleted scene of sorts from my book It features some backstory on a previous relationship my main character had that comes back to affect him in my main book.

Richard: Will "Monoluminant" become a regular comic book?

Joe: 'Monoluminant' which will be coming from ape entertainment next year.

Richard: Where did the name Monoluminant come from?

Joe: Monoluminant has three different meanings, but they will become more obvious when the main book is released.

Richard: Who are the main characters in "Monoluminant" ?

Joe: Marken is our main character in all the stories.

Richard: What is the best selling point of "Fablewood"?

Joe: I think Fablewood is hitting at a time when anthologies are more viable than they have been in a long time in the comics industry, and the fact that is sticks closely to a chosen theme of fantasy strengthens the overall package. And it has an amazing cover.

Richard: What is the "Popgun Anthology"?

Joe: Popgun is another anthology coming from Image in November, which will contain another 'single' from my future Monoluminant 'album' called 'the goblin sisters'.

Richard: How did you come up with "the goblin sisters"?

Joe: Both of these short stories came from the main book, but had to be edited out when it became apparent that it would end up being way too long.

Richard: Where does your inspiration come from?

Joe: The initial inspiration for monoluminant came from a single image in a dvd about environmental installation artist Andy Goldsworthy. It was a quick shot of a tree which appeared to have faces frozen in the trunk...also art-wise, a lot of the inspiration is obviously from animation.

Richard: What do you have planned comic book wise next?

Joe: 'Monoluminant' which will be coming from ape entertainment next year.

Richard: Have you held any other jobs outside of comics?

Joe: Outside of comics, I am art director of a clothing line and also work in film and music video production.

Richard: What would you like to accomplish that you have not?

Joe: I would like to have the time to work on comics with no other distraction.

Richard: What comics did you read as a child and do you read now?

Joe: My first comics were G.I. Joe in the early eighties, and now it's still mostly marvel comics that I pick up.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Joe: Contact me at suitor(at) , or check out my Blog:

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