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Creator, Artist of Grrl Scouts

by Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 9/22/2007)

Jim Mahfood

Richard: How did you come up with the idea for "Grrl Scouts"?

Jim: The original idea was called the "Girl Scouts of South Central". that's something my buddy Mike Huddleston and I came up with. we though it would be funny to have these girl scouts running around south central, fully armed, trying to deliver their cookies. That idea eventually morphed into the Grrl Scouts.

Richard: Who are the main characters in "Grrl Scouts" and what are they like?

Jim: Gwen is the leader, a total badass, very confident. Daphne is the obnoxious loud-mouth party girl, very violent and reactionary. Rita is the sensitive artist, a graffiti writer, a DJ, and the conscious of the group.

Richard: Why would someone want to read "Stupid Comics"?

Jim: To learn a little something and have a laugh. To realize that all governments, religions, corporations, and media are brainwashing us, separating us from being united, and f***ing us out of our freedoms and liberties everyday of our lives.

Richard: What is 40 Oz Comics and why was it formed?

Jim: Mike Huddleston and I formed the label in art school back in 1993. it was our way of saying, "no one wants to hire us, so f**k everybody, we're just going to do our own comics and art and take over the world."

Richard: Why do you like local or underground hip hop, funk, jazz or punk bands?

Jim: Well, as an artist I like to support local music wherever I'm living at the time. these are the people that make up you're artistic community and to not support them is sort of the equivalent of cutting off one of your own limbs. good art and good scenes only work when everyone works together and supports each other's stuff.

Richard: What was it like working with Kevin Smith on "Clerks, the comic book"?

Jim: A real pleasure. it was very exciting and terrifying at the same time because I had no idea what I was doing back in '98. I've learned a lot since then. Kevin is a great guy to work with. Always professional, always keeps his cool. I respect him.

Richard: How did you start working at Marvel?

Jim: My first gig was in '97 doing the Gen X Underground Special. I met Scott Lobdell at a con and he brought my work back to the Marvel offices in NY and got me that gig. all the other Marvel work after that was courtesy of Brian Bendis hooking me up. Thanks Brian!

Richard: How did you feel about working on Spider-Man?

Jim: A childhood dream come true, for sure.

Richard: You worked "Generation X Underground Special" which was referred to as 'the most subversive comic book released by Marvel' what does that mean?

Jim: It means that the book is black and white.

Richard: What is "Windstar Trunk Funk"?

Jim: That's one of the bands I'm in. my friend Bad Andy is the other member. We get together and just jam, man.

Richard: What was the first comic book you read?

Jim: The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones. Can't remember what issue. It was 1983-84-ish.

Richard: What do you have planned for the future?

Jim: I'm doing all the art for the new Colt 45 ad campaign. I just finished a new 5 page full-color story for the Image Comics anthology called "Pop Gun." I'm going to Europe for the first time in Nov. I'll be a guest at the Salon International De La Bande Dessinee in France on Nov 17-18. I'm doing a signing at Forbidden Planet in London on Wed Nov 28th and then I'm back in Paris for a signing at the comic shop Album.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Jim: at or

Richard: Any last words of wisdom?

Jim: Listen to James Brown as often as needed...

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