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Publisher at Markosia Enterprises Ltd

by Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 9/22/2007)

Harry Markos

Richard: How was Markosia originally formed?

Harry: I was off work with an injury for several months and was getting somewhat irate with nothing to do stuck at home. I had been discussing a few ideas with a UK-based publisher before my injuries, and whilst pulling my hair out with nothing to do thought it would be a good idea to adapt some novels into comics. Initially we used the UK publisher for a couple of issues and then decided that we could do it ourselves, with a few more titles. And that was how it all began!

Richard: Where does the name come from, Markosia?

Harry: That is a closely guarded secret, which shall never be made public!

Richard: How has the merge with AAM affected the company?

Harry: It hasn't affected us as yet, but I am very confident that it will do so very soon. AAM is a very talented group of people who we believe can do as good a job as any in the comic and graphic novels industry, as well as animation, concept designs, etc. We are going live with the studio very soon with a view to working closely with other publishers and producing high quality properties for them. I am also hoping to work with other design studios on TV and movie projects, which we are discussing at the moment. It is all some months off, but one of the things I am hoping for is to secure some very interesting work for many creators where they wouldn't otherwise get it, which would be great for them. It will also increase the awareness of both the studio and Markosia in other countries and hopefully other media.

Richard: Were you involved in the comics profession before becoming Publisher of Markosia?

Harry: Not at all. I wasn't doing anything remotely involved with comics, so it was somewhat strange entering the comics industry. No regrets though!

Richard: What is the goal of Markosia?

Harry: To become an established and successful publisher of comic books, graphic novels, and novels. I also want us to become successful in other media as I want us to be involved in more than just publishing. In this day and age it is important that we do become involved elsewhere in order to become less reliant in what is essentially a tough and unpredictable business.

Richard: What is a "Illustronovella"?

Harry: It is a combination of prose, comic sequentials, and illustrations.

Richard: What are some of your best selling titles?

Harry: 'Staship Troopers' is currently our lead title, although we are taking a short break to complete the next story arc before we solicit. We have a new series of 'Kong: King of Skull Island' starting in October which we believe will do very well for us. Other than those two, 'Breathe' has done very well for us, as well as 'The Lexian Chronicles'.

Richard: Markosia is bringing out a Beowulf Graphics Novel and 3-issue mini-series how do you think they will be received?

Harry: I hope and believe that they will be received very well. There are a couple of other Beowulf comics out around the same time, but ours is completely different to anything else that will be released. The artwork from Chris Steininger is incredible, and complements Steve Stern's script amazingly. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Richard: As publisher what are your various duties?

Harry: Well, a lot more than I ever thought! I pretty much liaise with almost all the creators involved, the printers, and the distributors. I decide which properties are signed, which conventions we attend, what goes on the website. I answer all the general enquiries regarding the company from all over the world. I liaise with other publishers, agents, and pretty much everyone involved in the industry. I take all the meetings involving everything that we do. Have I missed anything out? It's pretty time-consuming and almost all of it is done in the evenings due to the time differences in the US which is where a lot of the business takes place on the phone!

Richard: What is the "Lexian Chronicles" all about?

Harry: It is a story of an intelligent young lady who is caught up in some tribal conflicts whilst dealing with some pretty unusual problems of her own. She makes an amazing discovery which answers some questions about her ancestors but creates more questions regarding the current problems with her tribe. Everything comes to a head though before she can make any sense of it, and without spoiling it too much for you there are some serious battles, a massive chase, betrayals, more amazing discoveries, and a last issue (of 12) which will completely change course and blow your mind!

Richard: What other projects are coming up?

Harry: Like I mentioned we have a new series of 'Kong: King of Skull Island', which is an adaptation of Joe DeVito's illustrated novel of the same name. It is an incredible story which answers a lot of questions about Kong both before and after he falls off the Empire State Building. We also have a mini-series from Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood called 'Hope Falls' coming this November. This is one series which will attract a lot of interest, I assure you. It is stunning. The in January we have a new story arc for Staship Tropers, with a completely new team working on it. The new artist, Paul Green, will make waves in the industry, his art is incredible. We also have Tommy Castillo painting the covers, and Cy Dethan taking on the writing chores. The future is very exciting for us.

Richard: What do you think of the state of the comic market today?

Harry: It's a tough, tough business. Marvel and DC pretty much control almost 85% of the market, which doesn't leave much for the rest of us! Small publishers like us are fighting an uphill battle even just to get our books known, never mind ordered. For us it is a case of looking outside the box and aiming for success in the book market and other media, as I don't believe that we could continue if we had to rely on the comics themselves. We are confident of success because of things we have put in place for the future, but I worry very much for those who haven't.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Harry: By e-mail at I try and respond to everyone, but give me a day or two to get around to it! And at website.

Richard: Any words of wisdom?

Harry: Don't give up if you believe in what you do. Don't rush into anything, and seek advice from those who know better before you make your decision. And treat others how you wish to be treated yourself, because you never know what will happen in the future!

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