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Artist and Writer of Velocity: Pilot Season

by Richard Vasseur - (Posted: 7/28/2007)

Kevin Maguire and Joe Casey

Richard: What was your first regular series you worked on?

Kevin Maguire: Justice League International

Richard: What about your work on "Defenders" was memorable?

Kevin: For the readers, probably nothing. But for me, it was the first time I had my work shot straight from pencils.

Richard: Do you have any favorite writers to work with?

Kevin: I've worked with excellent writers, some of which have been good friends, some of which have been legendary, but my favorite would have to be, well, me. I'm not, by any stretch of the imagination, the best, but I write the kind of stuff I like to read. Go figure.

Richard: How was drawing Godzilla for Dark Horse different than most super hero comics?

Kevin: Godzilla doesn't look good in spandex.

Richard: Would you like to work on Superman/Batman again?

Kevin: Yes.

Richard: How will you be portraying Velocity in "Velocity: Pilot Season"?

Kevin: Mostly as a blur, much like the 80s were for me.

Richard: How does your art stand out, what makes it different?

Kevin: Oh, I don't know. Faces, I think. Someone said something about faces.

Richard: If Velocity is picked to be a regular series would you like to be the artist on it?

Kevin: Now why on Earth would I want to inflict that kind of mental strain on the poor editor?

Richard: What do you like about Velocity's character?

Kevin: She's got spunk and, unlike Lou Grant, I like spunk.

Richard: How did you make your start in the comics business?

Kevin: For a detailed answer, check out Modern Masters #10. Clearly, I'm not above a shameless plug.

Richard: What do you have planned for the future career wise?

Kevin: A 4 or 5 issue arc in Batman Confidential, then I'd like to write and draw a series about a space girl.

Richard: What comics did you read as a child and do you read now?

Kevin: Avengers, Defenders, Conan, FF,etc. Nowadays, nothing really.

Richard: How can someone contact you?

Kevin: That seems like a slightly stalker-esque question.

Richard: Any last words of advice?

Kevin: Uhhhhhhh, ....nah.

Richard: What does pure pop super heroics mean?

Joe Casey: It means exactly what it says. This is not WATCHMEN-level heaviness. This is a distillation of the Silver Age, its self-contained stories, wild ideas on every page, lots of color and imagination exploding all over your face.

Richard: Will Ripclaw be showing up?

Joe: Nope. He's got his own Pilot Season one-shot.

Richard: Which new villains will Velocity face?

Joe: All-new villains. Of course, to find out just how "all-new" they really are, you'll have to read the book.

Richard: Why do you think people will like Velocity's character?

Joe: Sure. She's a plucky girl, always ready with an entertaining quip. Doesn't everyone like fast girls...?

Richard: Has Velocity grown up a lot since her debut?

Joe: Maybe just a few inches. She's still the Velocity you know and love.

Richard: How did you first get started writing comic books?

Joe: From the moment I could form a coherent though as a youngster, I've been creating comic books. At some point, I just started getting paid for it.

Richard: While working for Marvel why did you change the direction of Cable?

Joe: Because the character needed *a* direction and, as writer, it was my job to give him one.

Richard: How did you Joe, Duncan and Steven create "Ben 10"?

Joe: It was in one of our many Man Of Action brainstorming sessions. It's how we make the big bucks... we just think of things and sell them to the highest bidder.

Richard: Did you enjoy writing the Basement Tapes with Matt Fraction?

Joe: Sure. It's always a gas to talk comics with Fraction.

Richard: What are your views on the currant state of the comic book industry?

Joe: As always, it could be better. But at the moment, there are more important things in the world to waste energy complaining about.

Richard: Would you or have you created your own comic book character?

Joe: Tons. Do a Google search.

Richard: What projects do you have planned for the future?

Joe: Too many to list here.

Richard: How can someone contact you?


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