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Volume 2, Number 5 - February 2003

CICI #4CICI MINISERIES #1 August 2002 to #4 December 2002. Created, written and edited by Parker Smart. Published By Spilled Milk. $2.99 U.S. per issue. CiCi is definitely not one of those comics you should judge by its cover. Don't get me wrong. The artwork on the covers of all four issues of this limited series is excellent. At first glance though people might assume this comic is another of those 'girl with a big gun' type titles and pass it by.

Big mistake. CiCi is a superbly crafted and artistically attractive sf adventure dealing with industrial intrigue and deception. While the beginning of the first issue gets off to a bit of a rocky start it quickly picks up the pieces and has you sitting on the edge of your seat page after page. The dialogue flows nicely and the visual storytelling moves effortlessly.

Who's responsible for the visual storytelling? A heck of a lot of people according to the credits. Some of the talented artists who worked on CiCi include Zak Hennessey, Jason Hall, Chuck Gibson, Monte Moore, Alp Altiner and Jay Leisten just to name a few. While Parker Smart could have used an editor to assist him in getting the story off the ground at the beginning he none the less has a top notch comics which definitely deserves attention. The CiCi limited series concludes by leaving the door open for a sequel and I hope that one will be hitting the stands in the near future. Meanwhile, if you haven't read this four issue installment of CiCi's adventures I would highly recommend that you do.

If your local comics shop doesn't have CiCi you can find out how to order it by visiting the Spilled Milk website at Most definitely CiCi is an excellent read; far more than a series about a 'girl with a big gun'.
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Jonathan A. Gilbert is a freelance comics writer and editor who is currently working with his buddy Lloyd Smith on a comics history book as well as doing some research for a new project for CE Publishing Group. If you'd like to find out more about CE Publishing Group you can visit their website at

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